White kids are gangsta

Being gangsta ain't just a black thing, brown thing, purple thing, whatever. White kids are gangsta, too. Peep it.

Homeboy in the back with the facepalm! Come on, man. You know Big Poppa got it goin' on.

Nunchuks, knives and a visit to the ATM fo' some twenties. GANGSTA!

Throw up ya' set! West ... chester, 'sup! That dude has the Guinness record for the longest human torso.

Ohhhh, sheeeeeit, someone is about to win an ugly sweater contest!

"Right after I wipe this kid's butt, Imma kill some fools!" GANGSTA!

Wal-Mart is gangsta

What, you thought that having lots of part-time employees with no benefits, paying dudes below the poverty line, wasn't gangsta? Well, you'd be wrong. That is gangsta. Capitalism is a mofo, and only the cream rises to the top. This dude with sweet knuckle tats knows what's up.

Guy with Wal-Mart knuckle tattoos

Twilight is gangsta

Edward or Jacob? Just playin', fool! That's shi*t's hella wack. Apparently, these gangstas didn't get the memo. Or maybe they got the memo, and they can't read. Or maybe they got the memo and can read, but don't know what "Twilight effing sucks!" means. Oh well.

If he misses with the shotgun, his vampire backup will get you.

Your identity is secret, but we do know you're a Twi-hard.

WTF? Is that a Leatherman tool, dude? Don't get all multi-tool on me.

Among gangstas, it seems like the resounding answer to the question is "Edward". Wait, how do I even know that dude's name? Awwww sheeeit. Outed!

Barak Obama is gangsta

I mean, obviously. Guy is sweet as hayell. Here he is looking mad balla with that jersey chain. He usually sports it under his suits on the DL, when he's being all presidential and whatnot, but here he's flying it proud. That's my dude right there!

Majoring in pimpin', with a minor in hip hop

Them crazy-ass dudes down there in the AZ are blowing my mind. First, they want to give e'rbody a gun, even though that ambassador or whatever got shot. Then they want to chase all the brown people back to Mexico. Place is crazy.

Now, they lettin' you get a minor in hip hop, and that's on the real. Imma hit that up when I make my way down there to teach Pimpin' 101 to some U of A college girls. WuuuuuuT!

Mad hula hoop skillz

Happy damn Friday, everyone! This video of a hula hoop girl might have been shot at the least gangsta event ever. White folks need to learn them some beat! But damn, if I didn't watch this like five times in a row. I mean, damn. Dayaam.

Chief Keef might have made a baby with a 6th grader

Chief Keef
Chief Keef is a little-ass 17-year-old rapper from Chi-city, and is certified gangsta. When he's not rapping about killin' dudes, he's all kicking it in high school and whatnot. But then he goes and gets hiself all charged up on some gun bullsh*t. But what's crazier is this story about him getting busy:
Less than four days after being sentenced, Keef was being sued for child support by a middle-school student who claims he fathered her daughter in 2011. If true, the mother could have been in sixth grade when the child was conceived.
Dayaaammm. Robbin' that zygote! No cradle even in the picture yet!

Little kids are gangsta

Seems like most kids are all about sippy cups and watching some crazy-ass, acid-inspired television. Yo, that sh*t's dumb. Just ask these little-ass gangstas.

It's like a mini Suge Knight!
Little gangsta kid with naughty mag

Chris Hansen is gangsta

Chris Hansen is THE MAN. And that's like a double-meaning, 'cuz he's kinda representin' for the pedo-police, but he's also just sweet as hayell. Just listen how he talks. Dayam, dats sweet. I always suspected he was gangsta, but now there's proof.

17 dollars is baller somewhere in the world

This dude is sportin' MAD cash. Crazy mad cash. "But he only has $17!" you say? Psssh. Maaan, it's all relative. You know how they say "it's happy hour somewhere"? Same thing. If you roll to like Guatemala or Thailand or something, you'd be rolling on dubs and crazy womens jockin' with $17. Front on that.

Gangsta with $17

It's gangsta to be down with floppies

You think computers are fo' suckas? Oh real? Talk to Bill Gates, then get back at me. Real gangstas use them computers like a mofo. And floppies. Mad floppies. Never trustin' no CD-ROM. Nuh uh. Hellz naw.

Gangsta with floppy disks

Don't Google it -- Gizoogle it!

Do you use Google? Ha ha, sucka'! Like you even have a choice. Well, you might have noticed that Google is some seriously white-ass shiznit. No flavor, no style, just a lot of vanilla-ass text. But wait, now you can fully gangstify your Google (or Bing) search with Gizoogle! Sweet as hayell!