Maaan, Beyoncé faked that sh*t

So Beyoncé faked it. Women are known to fake it from time to time -- not a huge deal. I actually wish more people would use a vocal track over their crappy rendition of the national anthem. Like this girl:

But at Obama's inauguration, Beyoncé? Really, girl? Guess she had more important things to do than practice. Of course, she said it was just this once. YEAHHHH.

Here's how it went down, according to our man on the scene:

Beyonce sings!

Obama curious

Michelle Obama is curious

Beyonce sings!

Obama thinking he's been had

Michelle Obama gives a stinkface

Beyonce sings!

Biden not sure

Beyonce sings!

Obama shrugs

Palin doesn't know

Bush doesn't know

Romney on a beach

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