Little kids are gangsta

Seems like most kids are all about sippy cups and watching some crazy-ass, acid-inspired television. Yo, that sh*t's dumb. Just ask these little-ass gangstas.

It's like a mini Suge Knight!
Little gangsta kid with naughty mag

I can't think of any better reason to invade a country than to get this kid on film.

Gangstas love them some Cookie Monster. And lots of cookies, too, apparently.
Fat Cookie Monster gangsta

Some day he'll be straight crunkin'.

Real gangstas rock a Tweety Bird clock and seagulls on da wallz. Wuuutuuup! 
Gangsta kid with Tweety Bird

This kid can dance better than most adults!

These kids kinda look zombies. Maybe they're down with horrorcore?

Yo, this kid wants his change, or he will burn this mofo DOWN.

This kid will kill you if you touch his bottle.
Little kid with Thug Life tattoo

This is what they think of Barbie dolls.
Little girls flipping us off!

"Oh, we're done watching Teletubbies? I don't think so."
Kid with two guns

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