Chief Keef might have made a baby with a 6th grader

Chief Keef
Chief Keef is a little-ass 17-year-old rapper from Chi-city, and is certified gangsta. When he's not rapping about killin' dudes, he's all kicking it in high school and whatnot. But then he goes and gets hiself all charged up on some gun bullsh*t. But what's crazier is this story about him getting busy:
Less than four days after being sentenced, Keef was being sued for child support by a middle-school student who claims he fathered her daughter in 2011. If true, the mother could have been in sixth grade when the child was conceived.
Dayaaammm. Robbin' that zygote! No cradle even in the picture yet!


  1. Keef done knocked up many underage-ass hoes, this ain't even news

  2. He looks like a real prize.

  3. Dayuumm boy! U sexy af ;) u got kik?


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